Child friendly programmes

Child friendly programmes - Mecsek From the first day of the year until the last one several cultural, gastronomic and traditional events, hiking and cycling tours, water sport facilities are waiting for the upcoming visitors.

The child friendly programmes of the EDEN winner destinations can be found under the following picture.
We wish you a pleasant stay and many enjoyable experiences!

The Hungarian Garden of EDEN

Our hidden treasures in the heart of Europe

In 2006 the European Committee launched a project titled European Destinations of Excellence and meant to present the diversity of the European continent's natural, cultural and intellectual heritage to the tourists.
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Route of Medieval Churches

A thematic route was set up in Szabolcs–Szatmár–Bereg and Szatmár counties under the name "Route of Medieval Churches" with the aim of providing in-depth information for visitors about the unique religious and cultural heritage of the Carpathian Basin.

Study tours in EDEN destinations in Southern Transdanubia

The Hungarian Tourism Agency organised a professional study visit entitled "EDEN Destinations" for both general journalists and those specialising in tourism on August 13-14, 2016 to three EDEN-winning destinations: the Mecsek region, the Mecsek Greenway and Kaposvár.

50th Equestrian Days in Hortobágy

At the 50th Equestrian Days the Great Plain resounds to more than just the hooves of the galloping horses! A show extraordinaire, the like of which the Hortobágy has never seen before!
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Round trip throughout Hungary's most promising cultural destination

The Hungarian Tourism Agency organised a study tour to the "EDEN" destination in the Upper Tisza region on 16–17 November, a region of the Carpathian basin that is most densely studded with medieval churches.

Two entries jointly won the title of "Hungary's most promising cultural travel destination."

At the closing conference held on 15 September 2017, a professional Panel of Judges chose the winner of the Hungarian competition issued by the European Commission, entitled "European Destinations of Excellence".

Closing EDEN conference in Vigadó

In 2017, the European Commission issued a call for proposal for the eleventh time in the subject of "European Destinations of Excellence" (EDEN).

Study trip to the EDEN award-winning travel destinations

Between 12-14 June the Hungarian Tourism Agency organised a professional study trip entitled "EDEN destinations" for the Austrian professional and general press to the Őrség, to Kaposvár, the Mecsek region and the Mecsek Greenway.
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Hungarian success in Malta

Kaposvár and the Zselic area finished in first place and the Őrség region was a finalist in this year's EDEN Innovation competition.

Ottó Herman Memorial Award 2016

In recognition and gratitude of its outstanding work in disseminating knowledge from multiple sciences, the Ottó Herman Institute awarded the Ottó Herman Memorial Award in the "Community" category to the Mecsek Greenway Association.

The person behind the success

Thanks to the decade-long success of its EDEN project, the Hungarian Tourism Agency has also made it into the selected line-up compiled by the Hungarian Development Centre (HDC) under the title "The Carpathian Basin's Garden of Eden".

Mecsek Greenway

Best destination in „Tourism and local gastronomy" 2015
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