EDEN winner 2010

Lake Tisza

Lake Tisza, one of the most popular touristic destinations in Hungary is merely 40 years old. Due to the excellent natural endowments of this 127 km2 lake, an unparalleled mosaic waterworld developed over the second largest single water surface in Hungary. Tisza, a deep, rapid-flowing cold-water river flows through the lake and fills and flushes the shallow, quickly warming subsidiary reservoirs of the lake. Its numerous islands and backwaters create a diversified waterworld in the middle of the Great Plains. Lake Tisza awaits anglers in every season of the year. Its abundance of peculiar species of internationally known fish is a paradise for birds as well. Being a part of the Hortobágy Nature Park, the Bird Sanctuary constitutes a piece of World Heritage and is a popular destination for people roaming by boats, kayaks eco-tourists and photographers. An internationally renowned harbor for small boats and a team of trained tour guides are available.

Planked esplanades and an adventure park created on the islands and educational paths built in the flood-plain forest of the peninsula offer entertainment and relaxation. The Lake Tisza Eco-Center, a visitors' center and theme park which includes also Europe's largest freshwater aquarium shall be opened in 2012. Lake Tisza covers an area comparable to that of a county and offers ideal conditions for the lovers of water sports. The excellent quality of the water makes the six beaches a favorite resort for families arriving with children.

Lake Tisza
Since 2007, Lake Tisza can be ridden around by bicycle. The merely 1-meter elevation difference along the 70 km long asphalt-coated dyke invites thousands of cyclists every year. Tours along the EuroVelo-11 route can suitably be combined with crossing the Tisza River by ferries, enabling the participants to cover routes of length varying between 110 and 140 km. Due to the total length of the available bicycle routes (1200 km), Lake Tisza is considered the hub of flat-country bicycling in Europe. The Network of Lake Tisza Routes operates as a franchise enterprise and works as the professional organizer of tours around Lake Tisza. The Network's centers organizing pedestrian, water, bicycle and equestrian tours offer services and equipment of guaranteed quality, e.g. 600 rentable bicycles, child-friendly equipment, tour guides and package tours.

Best destination in Hungary in "Aquatic tourism ", 2010
Lake Tisza is recognized as a resort region and a self-sufficient tourism center. It has been developed into a wonderful destination for water excursions and eco-tourism, offering colorful programs and adventures to everyone.

Finalists in 2010
Multi-purpose Rural Development Society of Bereg, the Tourism Society of Orfű, Society for Tourism in Szigetköz, Multi-purpose Rural Development Society of Lake Velence and its vicinity