EDEN winner 2011


The Mecsek Region has been a tourist destination for more than 100 years. Due to the persistent product development and the development of attractions, services and places of accommodation, the region's tourism potential has grown exponentially. As far as its social, cultural and environmental sustainability, is concerned the region has pioneered and presented in an excellent manner what tourism can offer in respect of its industrial, agricultural, public transport and military heritage. In addition to the Vízfő Spring of Orfű which replenishes the lakes of Orfű and used to supply the town of Komló, the Mecsek House awaits the visitors throughout the year. From this vantage point, the Water-Mill Museum, the single water-mill driven by a creek and operating under authority permit in Hungary can be visited after a short walk. The first medieval fresco painted in Hungary can be seen in the 1000 year old chapel of the Pécsvárad Castle, once an important site in the process of establishing the Hungarian state. In addition to its marvelous location, the town of Pécs, the 2010 European Capital of Culture, is famous for its buoyant and vivacious cultural life, viticulture and gastronomy.

Adventurous visitors can put their capabilities to test along the extremely difficult sport grounds developed in the thrilling Mecsextreme Park built in the premises of a former wood processing plant. The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter established within the premises of the famous china factory Mecsek located within the cultural quarter of Pécs, the 2010 European Capital of Culture, offers unforgettable experiences to visitors of any age. The Nádor Gallery developed within the ancient walls of the former Hotel Nádor, radiates a special mood and allows the visitors to get absorbed in the creations of contemporary artists. The Traffic Pub built on the site of the former Kossuth Movie offers specialties to the gourmand. The monastery castle of Pécsvárad offers a superb variety of cultural programs to families and tourists. Adventurous tourists can start from the Mecsek House of Orfű and participate in exciting cave excursions. Beyond all these, more than 100 various events are organized throughout the year. In addition to the above programs, the Mecsek Region offers numerous attractions to the visitors, like well-preserved folklore traditions, gastronomy, excursions, horse riding, various cultural and artistic events and festivals.

Best destination in Hungary in "Tourism and regeneration of physical sites ", 2011
The sites that acquired new functions (Pécsvárad Castle, Zsolnay Cultural Section of Pécs, Mecsextreme Park, Traffic Pub, Nádor Gallery, the Water-Mill Museum and the Vízfő Spring of Orfű, and the Mecsek House) can be visited in the frame of a special touristic program of unique image. After visiting either site, visitors receive a pearl made by a renowned local industrial artist and are encouraged to collect as much as needed to make a necklace.

Finalists in 2011
Északerdő Plc., Tourism Society of Gárdony and its vicinity, Ipoly-Erdő Plc., Tourism Society for Public Benefit of the Zsámbék Valley