Mecsek Greenway

Best destination in „Tourism and local gastronomy" 2015

Presenting the winner of the title "Hungary's most delicious place to visit":

The Mecsek Greenway is a live and functional workshop that conveys an ethos, and helps locals and visitors in their mental and physical recreation, in transferring values and to evolve. Locals created this horizontally organised, strong, equality-based network of people drawing on their own inner resources. The Association organises events linked to high standard catering on a planned route covering the whole of the Mecsek.

The Members of the Mecsek Greenway meticulously identified the local values, products, services, events, traditions and gastronomy of individual villages and the development potential for tourism. They are committed to popularising traditional, seasonal local products that are free of chemicals and preservatives; to gathering and using plants and mushrooms of field and forest in an environmentally friendly way, and to passing on this knowledge as well as to raising awareness of medicinal foods and healthy eating, and promoting a gentle, green and ecological form of sustainable tourism that supports rather than exploits local communities.

Developments in the region are not "festival-focused", but are rather quiet events intended to attract only a small number of tourists at any one time with environmentally friendly, sustainable events that are available in all seasons and at all times. Rural tourism has a long-standing tradition in the region. Qualified service providers with the "sunflower" National Certification Mark, eco-houses, services and restaurants, village/small producer guest tables, various themed routes (e.g. the Pécs–Mecsek Wine Route and the Honey Route) and accommodation with an ecotourism rating contribute, together with the NGOs bringing them together, to high standard tourism in the wonderful natural setting of the nature conservation areas of the Danube-Drava National Park. Locally grown organic products are regularly used in catering and can be purchased in local markets at Orfű, Kovácsszénája and Cserkút.

Key tourist features in the region related to gastronomy:

Oven Courtyard and Country House in Orfű, bread baking presentation in the Orfű Mill Museum; preparation of homemade dishes (e.g. tulip bread, jam) in the Nyírő Craft Yard in Kovácsszénája; beekeeping and tasting honey and vinegar at the farm of Árpád Bodnár; markets of local products; Wild Garlic Festival in Orfű; Purslane Picnic in Cserkút; breakfasts, lunches and dinners made from wild plants in Cserkút; "Eco-bait" snack bar, cooking workshops, training and team building events; "taste the wilderness" strolls all across the Mecsek; foods of our grandmothers; wild garlic, a proprietary crop of the Danube-Drava National Park; get-togethers organised along the lines of old spinneries in Cserkút to pick the bulbils of wild garlic; a Roman feast at the Roman villa in Kővágószőlős; dinners made from wild plants in Zsongorkő; the rock formation called "Babies", medicinal food camp in Cserkút; a pasta making workshop in Cserkút; collecting wild plants in Sedge Valley, field exercises, mushroom courses, outings that introduce participants to edible wild plants; cooking together sessions for team-building, and courses to make therapeutic food.

The villages involved: Cserkút, Kővágószőlős, Kővágótőttős, Bakonya, Kovácsszénája and Orfű