Study trip to the EDEN award-winning travel destinations

Between 12-14 June the Hungarian Tourism Agency organised a professional study trip entitled "EDEN destinations" for the Austrian professional and general press to the Őrség, to Kaposvár, the Mecsek region and the Mecsek Greenway.

The starting point of the trip was Őrség, which had won the first European Destination of Excellence award 10 years ago, and has been welcoming eco-tourists, families with young children, and elementary school children ever since with continuously renewed offers.

Afterwards the journalists visited Kaposvár which boasts close to 300 secessionist façades and has many accessible facilities for tourists with reduced mobility, saw the ecosystem of the Deseda lake, enjoyed the night-time programme of the Zselic Star Park, then bid farewell to the region by visiting the tame deer in Bőszénfa.

The main attractions of Orfű, situated in a picturesque valley, were the operational water mill and a real rarity, the horse-mill of the Mill Museum, but the hosts also showed the Kemencés (Beehive Oven) Courtyard where beehive ovens from various regions in the country are on display. The day concluded in the lavender garden of Pécsvárad, the proud site of the thousand-year-old castle chapel and the former Benedictine monastery.

In downtown Pécs and then in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, the programme continued with the introduction of "old values and new functions". The most delicious culinary destination in Hungary, Mecsek Greenway was the last stop with its hidden treasure. Alongside local products, the menu of the wild lunch from foraging included edible plants like wild garlic, dandelion, or the lesser known common purslane.

The trip confirmed that the rightful winners of the European Destination of Excellence project truly deserve the EDEN title.