Study visits to the Őrség area and the Írottkő Nature Park

On May 20-21, 2016 journalists visited two EDEN-winning destinations in the Western Transdanubia region, the Írottkő Nature Park and the Őrség National Park.

The Őrség National Park was established in 2002 as the 10th national park in Hungary and won the "Best Provincial Destination" title in 2007. The population of the Őrség has fashioned the appearance of the landscape in harmony with nature for hundreds of years, creating its diversity that is sustainable in the long term through small-scale farming and buildings blending into the environment. The main attraction of the region is its peace and quiet, fresh air, folk traditions and crafts preserved in an unaltered form and local products. The Írottkő Nature Park was established in 1997 as Hungary's first nature park and won the "Best Ecotourism Destination" in 2009. Today it represents a living link between 16 communities, connecting more than 21,000 people. The primary aim of the Nature Park is to preserve, present and develop the diversity of its outstanding natural and cultural heritage.
In the programme presenting the tourism options of the area, the visitors took part in a press conference in Szentgotthárd before being shown the tricks of making pumpkin seed oil and baking pretzel, visiting the outdoor village museum showing typical local rural architecture in Pityerszer, seeing the indigenous animals of the region and walking to see the Eurasian wild horse and the European bison.
In Kőszeg a short sightseeing tour was followed by a visit to György Bakos's medicinal plant and herb garden and participation at the Írottkő Nature Park's EDEN day event at the Stájer houses. The programme ended at the Saint Vitus Chapel.