The person behind the success

Thanks to the decade-long success of its EDEN project, the Hungarian Tourism Agency has also made it into the selected line-up compiled by the Hungarian Development Centre (HDC) under the title "The Carpathian Basin's Garden of Eden".

The HDC operates an online platform to incentivise the dissemination of best practices at, the purpose of which is to provide potential applicants with examples of domestic projects to be implemented from direct European Union grants in the period between 2014–2020, and do so in an easy-to-read blog format. It encourages interested visitors to participate in the initiative.
The report and the article about us can be accessed here.

Ministerial Commissioner and head of the Hungarian Developmental Centre (HDC) Antal Kiss presented the Winning Hungarians 2016 publication on 15 December 2016.
We invite our partners to the best professional search site in Europe: Calls for proposals in Hungarian,
The objective of the portal – unique in Europe – is to promote participation in the calls and encourage greater capacities with actors in the economy, civil society and social administration. Every visitor living in Hungary, the Carpathian basin, in Europe, can learn about the 11 directly available European Union grant opportunities, in a manner accessible to all, with the information fully updated, on a user-friendly interface, organised and thematically presented in Hungarian. Potential applicants can access the calls for proposals and the information they are interested in with just 2–3 clicks. The site simplifies the search for partners and information within the complicated European Union grant process.