EDEN award winning Írottkő Nature Park staff in EDEN award winning Đurđevac

The delegation of Írottkő Nature Park participated in the most prominent event of the Đurđevac following an invitation from the Croatian city.

Đurđevac received the award in 2008 thanks to its "Picokijada" intangible cultural heritage. In the last week of June each year the "Picokijada", the Picoki Legend historical games are held in the Northern Croatian town. One of the most intriguing legends of Croatian history is about the cocks (picoks), that is, essentially about the bravery and resourcefulness of the people of Đurđevac.

Local people found a quite clever way to fool the Turks besieging their town for a long time. In 1552 Ulama bey realised that his army will not be able to take the fort of Đurđevac with a single attack, so he decided to patiently starve the population into surrender. However, when nothing else but a cock remained in the town that could be eaten, the people of Đurđevac devised a fiendish plan. They decided to shoot their last piece of food from a cannon onto the Turkish army to make a false pretence as if there had been an abundance of food in the town. Ulama bey fell for the trick, believing that the people of Đurđevac had plenty of food, since they are shooting cocks from their cannons, so he ordered his forces to retreat. The good people of Đurđevac bear the name of cocks (picoks) ever since this "event". Since 1968 this legend is celebrated with an open-air performance that is more spectacular each year. Hundreds of stunts, riders, as well as amateur and professional actors contribute to the show.

The delegation of the EDEN award winning Írottkő Nature Park is a participant of the event for the third time, and the event was given the title "The fastest growing eco-touristic destination" in 2009.

The delegation of Írottkő Nature Park took part in the parade, the historical programme, the local cookies festival and visited Đurđevačkipeski, that is, the "Croatian Sahara". The European desert is situated in a marshy region near Đurđevac, right in the middle of the Borik park forest and has a unique flora and fauna.

The members of the delegation took a hike to the bank of the Drava, and visited an operating watermill in Sveta Ana.

The gesture will be soon returned, since the Croatian town will be received as guests at the Siege Days of Kőszeg for the third time at the invitation of the representatives of the Nature Park.