Krakow TV shot at the Tisza Lake and in the Hortobágy

The crew of the Krakow TV found a beautiful sunny autumn weather in the middle of October. The main objective was to shoot a sunrise over the Tisza Lake at Saturday dawn. The weather was ideal for shooting; the Sun came up from behind a layer of clouds.

Good to know! Tisza Lake won the best natural water destination title in 2010 as we reported in detail in our previous article.

After recording the sunset, the team continued its journey with a small ship to explore the Tisza Lake. The recordings worthy of the landscape taken in the wonderful morning light will probably attract many visitors.

After anchoring, the visitors' centre of the lake and its number one attraction, the Tisza Lake Ecocentre was visited. János Kiss welcomed the "camera", since, as he told us, the number of Polish tourists increased the most dynamically this year, and the recordings taken will surely attract further guests from the southern part of Poland.

After shooting the film at the Tisza Lake, the crew said goodbye to the region with a fish supper at the Fehér Amúr fishermen's inn.

In the afternoon they departed towards Hortobágy, where they could witness and record the autumn's crane migration at the Hortobágy fish-pond.

Good to know! Hortobágy won the title Destination with the best living traditions in 2008, and the traditional values are shown in our article, Land of the herdsmen – Hortobágy.

In the Hortobágy Sanctuary, the members of the crew had the opportunity to get a close view of wild animals, including wild horses and aurochs. The one and only Hortobágy puszta-five, four-ox carriage and the typical fauna of the puszta can be seen in life, including the horse, Hungarian grey cattle and buffalo, the Hungarian "racka" sheep and mangalica pig herds as well as the life and work of the herdsmen. They could also taste the 300-year-old local dishes and specialties of region and the puszta at the Hortobágy Nagycsárda with genuine gypsy music in the background. The last place for recordings by the crew was the Pusztai Állatpark, where they could get an insight into the puszta virtue and the magical world of herbs in the puszta.