Rippl-Rónai Festival in Kaposvár

The all-round art festival of Kaposvár will be launched in 2014 with the name Rippl-Rónai Festival rendering homage to world-famous painters and artists.

The city will become a bustling cultural cavalcade and a lively painters' district at the end of May, on the date of birth of the great Rippl-Rónai. Art becomes available to everyone on the street, in galleries, concerts and museums.

The venue of the 4-day-long programme outside the centre of Kaposvár will be the mansion of the painter mastermind on the Roman mountain, the Rippl-Rónai memorial house. On the unique streets of the city centre the works of contemporary artists, street galleries, performances, a street theatre and a movie theatre are on display and visitors can take part in an international art conference, while on the big stage and on the podium bands and solo musicians are playing world music, blues and jazz. Reflecting the artistic character of the festival, the exhibition of greatest painter of Székely land, Árpád Márton from Csíkszereda will be displayed in the Vaszary Gallery (in the Agora). The drawings from Issy L' Eveque commemorating WW1 by József Rippl-Rónai found in a briefcase will be on display in the visitors' centre of the Roman Mansion. MÁV Nosztalgia Kft., one of the main cooperating partners, is to launch a Rippl express to Kaposvár for the duration of the festival.

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