Slovenian journalists at eden-like destinations in Southern Transdanubia

The representatives of the Slovenian media were received as guests of the study trip visiting two destinations of the EDEN project in Southern Transdanubia, namely, Kaposvár with the Zselic region and Pécs with its Mecsek between August 14-16, 2014.

On the first day – despite the cold and rainy weather – the journalists were given a tour in the centre of Kaposvár by the Tourinform agency of Kaposvár with special attention to the services made accessible for the disabled or handicapped. Naturally, the tour could not be complete without a visit to the Rippl-Rónai villa.

Unfortunately, the guests could not experience the outdoors star observation in the dark-sky preserve owing to a cloudy sky, but the employees of the Duna-Dráva National Park held a great presentation on the results achieved so far and the envisaged developments. The last venue in the Zselic was the deer reserve of Bőszénfa.

The first place to visit in the Mecsek region was Orfű, where the Mill Museum was the main attraction, which is the first protected heritage site of the region with a new function. After walking through the surroundings of the lake, Pécsvárad was the next stop, where the former monastery castle was visited, and then the guests moved on to Pécs.

On the first day in Pécs the centre was visited, then on the next day the world heritage sites were also visited during the day, including the basilica and several sacral sites of the renewed city of Pécs. The tour ended at the Zsolnay Cultural District, where the Slovenian journalists had the opportunity to visit museums and the cultural district with numerous new functions.

The journalists taking part in the study trip were curious, open and the possibility of further cooperation was also discussed. Through three media, namely, the Slovenes living in Italy and on the western border region as well as those living in the eastern Prekmurje region, and, also the telegraphic news agency provided a national coverage for EDEN sites of Southern Transdanubia.