The Hungarian Garden of EDEN

Our hidden treasures in the heart of Europe

In 2006 the European Committee launched a project titled European Destinations of Excellence and meant to present the diversity of the European continent's natural, cultural and intellectual heritage to the tourists.

EDEN is an acronym (European Destinations of ExcelleNce) and simultaneously represents a friendly invitation and destination that reminds everyone of the primordial harmony of the world. In the framework of the tender, an excellent destination is chosen in each EU member state regarding a specific subject altered in every year. The success of EDEN is shown by the increase of the number of participating countries, from the initial 10 to 23 countries in 2011. Hungary has actively participated from the very beginning. The successful presentation to the international audience and the growing popularity of the winners chosen during the recent years (i.e. Őrség 2007 Best emerging rural destination, Hortobágy 2008 Best destination in „ Tuorism and protected areas", Írottkő Nature Park 2009 Best destinatioun in „Tourism and protected areas", the Tisza Lake 2010 Best destination in „Aquatic tourism",  the Mecsek Mountains 2011 Best destination in „Tourism and regeneration of physical sites" and Kaposvár and the Zselic area 2013 Best destination in „Accessible tourism)) since the winning of the Award have confirmed that we have good reasons to be proud of these regions. Get acquainted with these excellent destinations already acknowledged throughout Europe and enrich your experience by including a variety of new cultural and natural values.
We wish you pleasant touring and thrilling discoveries:

Hungarian Tourism Plc.
responsible for managing the EDEN project in Hungary